Robots Are Getting Smarter Every Day

Our technologies are advancing rapidly. It is said that each and every subsequent advancement and improvement in the world of technology comes roughly 12 times faster than its predecessors. If this is true then we are advancing at an incredibly fast rate and it’s only a matter of time before we go beyond that point of no return.

Let’s take a look at robotics and automation. These topics have been quite a talk throughout the world in the past couple of years. We are seeing rapid improvements in the fields of robotics as they are becoming more powerful and more sophisticated with every following version.


It is speculated that 50% of today’s work activities will be completely automated by robotics by the year 2055. Factors such as labor rates, costs of installments and maintenance and overall general economical conditions could (and will) throw back or speed up this process for 20 years or so.

Of course, this is just a rough speculation but it’s still makes an interesting topic.

If you work in the fields of IT and you might feel like your job is threatened by this technological advancement. Would it make it easier for you if you knew that your job is probably one of those that will still require a human touch? While pretty much every other job in the world will have the opportunity of robotic automation, IT and software development technicians are the ones that will almost effortlessly find work wherever they want to. Or so it is speculated at least.

This does not mean, under any circumstances that there will be shortage of work for us humans. This only means that we will face a shift of sought out human skills that are valued as premium ones. Things like dynamic and logical thinking as well as rational problem solving. Social skills like coaching and training, jobs that require certain emotional capabilities as well as those relying solely on creativity. All of these will become much more sought out and valued which we honestly think is a change for the better.

But what would this mean for us?

Nearly everybody agrees that this would for one be a guaranteed improvement in every possible way. For starters, the impact on productivity would be massive. By eliminating the possibility of errors in the automated production and development by removing the “human factor” would have a positive outcome in every possible way.

The companies would be perfectly aware of how much work they can accomplish in any given time. This would completely eliminate and remove overdue deadlines out of the picture, at least for as long as some kind of catastrophic system failure does not occur.

Until any of this actually starts happening and we begin seeing robots walking, talking and working among us, we will leave you with this video in case there are some skeptics among you.


The Best Gaming Platform For You!

This is a very popular question lately. There are numerous fans that would glorify the platform they play at it at the same time discredit the others but if you ask them about specific reasons for doing so most of them would give you no answer whatsoever.

PC players like to close their arguments by saying that the overall performance on PC’s is better while console fans would argue that the couch comfort is the most important thing when enjoying the game.

To be honest, both of them are equally important and it all comes down to what you prefer and which one is more important for you. Let us count all the pros and cons of of those platforms and see if we can find what’s best for all of us individually. For the sake of this article were going to count all video game consoles simply as consoles without dividing them into subcategories. We’re going to do that because it would take a lot of time to to go over each and everyone separately and mostly because the main difference between them is in the controller and exclusive games.

So for those of you thinking about getting a console, this is what we have to say about it.

Video game consoles

joystick and playstation console

To play on a video game console is to play without interruptions. What consoles are great at is their simplicity. You do not need to concern yourself with trivial matters such as downloading and installing the rights drivers that you would need for a game. You do not need to know any hardware specifications or possess any specific kind of knowledge in order to get your game running. All you need to do is to purchase it, install it and run it. That’s all, that’s it.

Another amazing thing about video game consoles is that they’re using controllers. These are great for gaming in once you familiarize yourself with it, it’s there for a lifetime. However they are most valued trait is that they allow you to lean back on your chair or sofa without having to carry a handful of hardware or drag cables with you in order to play.

They also offer cool premium memberships like PlayStation Now for PlayStation 4 for instance which allows you to play previous generation of games.

For more on PlayStation Now, check out this article:

What is Playstation Now and is it worth it?


Video game consoles are also known to be on incomparably cheaper than gaming computers however, the price of individual video games is usually much higher. If you’re someone who plays a lot of video games than you are probably going to end up spending a lot of money on your games.

However, these consoles are not without their flaws. Simplicity brings limitation and there is only so much that a video game console can do. Furthermore if you’re rolling with the last generation you will have to replace it with a new one once it comes out in order to play new games. You cannot run them smoothly by decreasing visuals like you could a personal computer for instance.

Also it is pretty much mandatory that consoles will not run games as smoothly as PC’s do due to their design that allows for no improvements.

To sum it up, here are the pros:

  • simple setup and easy to run a game
  • controllers allow for comfortable playing
  • lots of subscription plans to get the most out of your system
  • frequent exclusive content
  • much cheaper than gaming computer

And the cons:

  • limited functionality
  • no possibility to upgrade your system
  • highly priced games individual
  • inferior performance compared to computer
  • subscription required to play online

Gaming computers

kids playing games on pc

One thing you need to realize of the start is that computer is much more than a toy where a video game console is just a fancy toy with a lot of gimmicks. If you’re getting a computer for gaming be ready to pay at least double the sum than you would cash out for your current generation of consoles. It is that much more expensive but, if we said it wasn’t worth it, we would be lying to you.

You see, when you have a powerful computer you have more than a video games system. You have a machine capable of performing insane number of tasks and some of you may even use it to work and profit from it. For now, let’s stick strictly to video gaming because it is what’s important right now.


To put it simply, everything that a video game console can do a gaming computer can do better. If you have 2 video games released both for video game consoles and the PC is almost certain that the PC version will:

  • look better
  • run better
  • have additional content

Not only that but the open nature of PC will also allow you to modify and customize your game to your liking providing for a unique and personal experience.


Furthermore, once you buy a game for your PC and if that game features multiplayer, you will never have to pay additional money in order to have access to multiplayer. This is unfortunately not the case with consoles where you will have to cash out some money monthly if you want to stay connected with the rest of the gaming community.


Gaming computers are also completely backward-compatible. This means that no matter what year the game came out in, you are probably going to be able to play it with some minimum tweaking. The previously mentioned possibility of customizing your game, you’re more than likely to make it look much better than it was initially supposed to back in the day when it was released. And not only that but PC gamers are able to even run console games on their systems by using emulators! This is something only PC gamers are able to do.


Not to speak about the prices for PC games. This platform has a huge market and everybody is competing with one another. This results in frequent, almost daily sales all across the Internet with a ridiculously low game prices more often than not. While it may be more expensive to buy a gaming computer initially, it most definitely pays off if your a bit patient and wait for discount to buy your games.


The trick here is that it’s much harder to use than the console. We’re not saying that PC is incomprehensible, not by any means. However, when you compare it to a video game console it can seem like rocket science for some people.


In other words, the pros of PC gaming are:

  • cheap games
  • every day sales all over the Internet
  • top graphics and performance
  • emulators
  • “backward compatibility”
  • possibility to upgrade your system
  • possibility to use controllers from any console as well as any form of custom gear
  • unparalleled precision in shooter games using the mouse
  • ability to modify games
  • it is not just a toy, it can do a lot of different things


while the cons would be:

  • incomparably more expensive to consoles
  • user interface can be complex for inexperienced users


And that’s truly it. Remember, everything a console can do, PC can do better but this prestige comes with a price.


To wrap it up, we would say that unless our inexperienced computer user or you’re buying a system for specific game only, you should go with the gaming PC if you can afford it. Easy as that.


Immersive Gaming Gadget – Tobii, full Eye-Tracking

how eye tracking works

Nowadays we have many video game companies trying to optimize their newly released games for virtual reality headsets. This virtual reality race is a thing and everybody is trying to break the ice and set standards for future video games. Everybody’s talking about it and everybody is trying to make it a success. Well, not everybody…

Polish video game developers known as Techland are trying to achieve something completely different. Instead of putting a huge hardware piece on your head that will track your head movement, the developers of Dying Light have optioned for more comfortable yet equally and perhaps even more immersive experience.

In cooperation with Tobii, Techland has made it’s game truly unique in the way you interact with the environment, and game’s user interface.

The eye tracking technology that is tobii eyeX will allow a person playing a game to interact with it and control it simply by looking at specific objects in game at any given times.

For example, interacting with the object in game world will no longer require you to get in range and press a corresponding button. Instead all you need to do is to focus your eyesight on the object in your character will automatically interact with it. So if you’re running away from the infected and you want to climb up on the ledge, all you need to do is look at it while being relatively close to it and your character will automatically navigate to it.

That’s not everything. While tobii eyeX is definitely useful for navigation and character control it is also great immersion gadget. One thing it specifically good at is simulating dynamic lightning.

If you’re standing in the shadows and looking directly at the light your screen will darken creating a realistic effect of the human eye. Similar to this, if you’re standing out in the open where there is a lot of light everything will appear brighter just like it does under a direct sunlight.

Furthermore, if you’re building the flashlight you will no longer be restricted to pointing it only at the middle of your screen. Similarly as with the joysticks analog sticks where one controls your character and the other one would control your flashlight tobii eyeX will do something like that. The beam of your flashlight will follow your eye movement so if you’re looking at the top right of your screen, that’s the part that will get focused by your flashlight creating a feeling of player’s eyes and characters hand movement coordination.

Additionally, when you’re using this gadget, the games overall user interface will behave differently. It will remain transparent for the most part until you look directly at it. Your health and stamina bars as well as your on-screen compass and mini map will be barely visible allowing you to see right through them until you actually want to see them. This way the game is removing all the unnecessary interface elements until you actually need them creating a fluid and more immersive experience.

Those are just some of the features Tobii’s eyeX provides for Dying Light and where absolutely sure if this is only the beginning. We honestly hope this is the case and can barely wait to see what else they can come up with.


Pixar designs a brand new multi purpose home robot companion

Home robot companions are coming. Actually they are kinda here already, it’s just that they’re not as widespread as you’d expect them to be. Mayfield Robotics company which is fully owned and funded by Bosch is working on a brand-new home robot Kuri, that may become the world’s first home robot companion due to its all around functionality.

The company behind Kuri, Mayfield Robotics has accumulated huge experience when it comes to robotics as well as programming machines in the fields of interaction and independent learning.



Kuri is similar to present home intelligent devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo in therms that “he” (Mayfield Robotics gendered it as male during press conferences as well as in promo material) also responds to voice commands. He’s somewhat conical shaped body is equipped with a four microphone array to maximize the effectiveness of his voice recognition abilities. He also comes equipped with the speaker so he may “talk back” to you as well, in a manner of speaking. Instead of plainly using words, Kuri will play sound and light cues to let you know whether or not your command is going to be acknowledged or when impossible to execute, denied. Did we mention that he has eyes with eyelids that correspond to his responses giving him a little bit of personality of his own?

When we mention that he is intelligent we didn’t merely referred to its ability to recognize and execute voice commands, no. Kuri is aware of his surroundings and he is able to fully navigate throughout the house of his own accord. Tucked behind one of his eyes there is a built in HD camera. This camera’s primary purpose is to allow Kuri to safely navigate throughout the environment and avoid any potential hazards like falling down the stairs were bumping into walls and furniture.

Kuri has three wheels that serve as three little legs. They are designed in a way to help him navigate as efficiently as possible by allowing him to rotate in any direction. Utilizing these wheels he is able to follow you around or go where you tell him to without any problems.

Kuri comes equipped with a processor that helps him take on tasks like voice and image recognition. This is very useful for people who know how to use basic programming tools like IFTTT so they may introduce Kuri to some new behavior patterns and improve his task handling overall. If all of this sounds interesting to you, you might want to read a bit about how IFTTT works.

Kuri is said to be coming to our homes somewhere later at the end of 2017, probably around holidays period. Those of you living in the United States that happened to be interested in this specific product may even pre-order it already.