Home robot companions are coming. Actually they are kinda here already, it’s just that they’re not as widespread as you’d expect them to be. Mayfield Robotics company which is fully owned and funded by Bosch is working on a brand-new home robot Kuri, that may become the world’s first home robot companion due to its all around functionality.

The company behind Kuri, Mayfield Robotics has accumulated huge experience when it comes to robotics as well as programming machines in the fields of interaction and independent learning.



Kuri is similar to present home intelligent devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo in therms that “he” (Mayfield Robotics gendered it as male during press conferences as well as in promo material) also responds to voice commands. He’s somewhat conical shaped body is equipped with a four microphone array to maximize the effectiveness of his voice recognition abilities. He also comes equipped with the speaker so he may “talk back” to you as well, in a manner of speaking. Instead of plainly using words, Kuri will play sound and light cues to let you know whether or not your command is going to be acknowledged or when impossible to execute, denied. Did we mention that he has eyes with eyelids that correspond to his responses giving him a little bit of personality of his own?

When we mention that he is intelligent we didn’t merely referred to its ability to recognize and execute voice commands, no. Kuri is aware of his surroundings and he is able to fully navigate throughout the house of his own accord. Tucked behind one of his eyes there is a built in HD camera. This camera’s primary purpose is to allow Kuri to safely navigate throughout the environment and avoid any potential hazards like falling down the stairs were bumping into walls and furniture.

Kuri has three wheels that serve as three little legs. They are designed in a way to help him navigate as efficiently as possible by allowing him to rotate in any direction. Utilizing these wheels he is able to follow you around or go where you tell him to without any problems.

Kuri comes equipped with a processor that helps him take on tasks like voice and image recognition. This is very useful for people who know how to use basic programming tools like IFTTT so they may introduce Kuri to some new behavior patterns and improve his task handling overall. If all of this sounds interesting to you, you might want to read a bit about how IFTTT works.

Kuri is said to be coming to our homes somewhere later at the end of 2017, probably around holidays period. Those of you living in the United States that happened to be interested in this specific product may even pre-order it already.

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