how eye tracking works

Nowadays we have many video game companies trying to optimize their newly released games for virtual reality headsets. This virtual reality race is a thing and everybody is trying to break the ice and set standards for future video games. Everybody’s talking about it and everybody is trying to make it a success. Well, not everybody…

Polish video game developers known as Techland are trying to achieve something completely different. Instead of putting a huge hardware piece on your head that will track your head movement, the developers of Dying Light have optioned for more comfortable yet equally and perhaps even more immersive experience.

In cooperation with Tobii, Techland has made it’s game truly unique in the way you interact with the environment, and game’s user interface.

The eye tracking technology that is tobii eyeX will allow a person playing a game to interact with it and control it simply by looking at specific objects in game at any given times.

For example, interacting with the object in game world will no longer require you to get in range and press a corresponding button. Instead all you need to do is to focus your eyesight on the object in your character will automatically interact with it. So if you’re running away from the infected and you want to climb up on the ledge, all you need to do is look at it while being relatively close to it and your character will automatically navigate to it.

That’s not everything. While tobii eyeX is definitely useful for navigation and character control it is also great immersion gadget. One thing it specifically good at is simulating dynamic lightning.

If you’re standing in the shadows and looking directly at the light your screen will darken creating a realistic effect of the human eye. Similar to this, if you’re standing out in the open where there is a lot of light everything will appear brighter just like it does under a direct sunlight.

Furthermore, if you’re building the flashlight you will no longer be restricted to pointing it only at the middle of your screen. Similarly as with the joysticks analog sticks where one controls your character and the other one would control your flashlight tobii eyeX will do something like that. The beam of your flashlight will follow your eye movement so if you’re looking at the top right of your screen, that’s the part that will get focused by your flashlight creating a feeling of player’s eyes and characters hand movement coordination.

Additionally, when you’re using this gadget, the games overall user interface will behave differently. It will remain transparent for the most part until you look directly at it. Your health and stamina bars as well as your on-screen compass and mini map will be barely visible allowing you to see right through them until you actually want to see them. This way the game is removing all the unnecessary interface elements until you actually need them creating a fluid and more immersive experience.

Those are just some of the features Tobii’s eyeX provides for Dying Light and where absolutely sure if this is only the beginning. We honestly hope this is the case and can barely wait to see what else they can come up with.

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